Konost Digital Rangefinder Will Have A Custom Image Sensor; Release Q3 and Q4 2017

Following up on our recent posting on the development of Konost, Konost has revamped their website and provided an update on their latest situation. They missed their initial deadline of taking pre-orders by the end of 2016 with delivery in 2017 and the founder, Bob Lian, has written a long explanation about the delay and challenges they are facing and how they plan to move forward.

The biggest piece in the news update is the mention of switching to a custom image sensor: one which is designed and manufactured specifically for Konost cameras. Bob claims that by doing so, this allows the business model to be more cost effective, increasing their profit margins, and able to provide a more competitive pricing of their camera.

Bob has reiterated that the vision of Konost is to create an affordable digital rangefinder camera that is simple and enjoyable to use by anyone. However, they have encountered several difficulties ranging from funding and manufacturing of hardware and software, as well as creating custom optics to work specifically for Konost, hence the delay of the original timetable.

Bob further mentioned the timeline of the final production Konost rangefinder camera is pushed to Q3 & Q4 of 2017. He also said they are working on releasing limited edition beta versions of the Konost camera in the first half of 2017. At this moment, there is no indication of pricing and the design of the camera is still being refined.

You can check out the latest updates of Konost in their official website here.