5 Fixed Lens Point And Shoot Cameras For Professional Photographers

As professional photographers we demand a lot from our cameras: we need manual controls and the ability to tweak the settings to our liking, at the same time though, lugging around our professional gear all the time can be a pain. Luckily for us, these days camera companies are making some pretty great fixed-lens point and shoot cameras that come with all those features that we need, but in a small, compact, and easy to carry everywhere size. It is the best of both worlds for when the thought of taking your 5D Mark IV or D810 makes you cringe.

Today we will be sharing some of our top picks for fixed-lens point and shoot cameras that give professional photographers the tools they need to be creative and capture images they can be proud of – even with our professional caps on. 

Fujifilm X70

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm X70 review sample product image (1 of 1)

Fujifilm’s X70 is an incredible compact camera that features the same APS-C 16MP X-Trans sensor as in the X-T1 or X-T10. This gives it an incredible advantage over the majority of the other cameras in this class, providing great dynamic range and low light performance. In terms of its lens, the X70 comes with a fixed 18.5mm lens, which works out to a 28mm full frame equivalent field of view. That is a little on the wider side for a walk around lens, but if you are a fan of the 24mm or 35mm focal lengths, this will be a camera that you will love.

In our official review of the Fujifilm X70 we said:

“Using the Fujifilm X70, you’re bound to be able to take incredible images. Like your phone, this is truly a carry-with-you-everywhere camera. It’s small, it’s thin, it can deliver jaw dropping image quality–there isn’t much to complain about here.” – Read The Full Review Here

In terms of its pricing, the X70 is also one of the more affordable options on this list, making it one of our top recommendations. If you are interested in picking up an X70 for yourself, you can find them over on Amazon for a cool $699.

Sony RX100 Series

Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer Sony RX100 Mark III Product Images (1 of 9)

One of the most popular and well respected point and shoot cameras for professionals has got to be the Sony RX100 M5. This camera features a more traditional compact zoom lens, but also has a pop-up viewfinder and some of the best video recording out of a small camera that you could ask for.

In our initial impressions of the RX100 V we said:

“It epitomizes the term “point-and-shoot” because you can literally just point and hold the shutter down and take amazing pictures. Just let the buffer run out and pick out the selects later! It’s solidly built, has blazing fast AND accurate autofocus, great image quality, and fits in your pocket.” — Read our initial thoughts here

As far as the pricing goes, this is the one downside to the RX100 M5, it is just really expensive for a point and shoot camera. That said, if you are a pro, and you want the best of the best, it would be hard to argue against the RX100 M5 being on your short list of cameras to consider. If you are interested you can pick one up over on Amazon now for $998.

Canon G7X II


The G7X II is a camera that features a very similar sensor to the one in the RX100, also shoots good video (1080 though, not 4K), and has a fast F/1.8-2.8 zoom lens. The camera takes incredible pictures for a unit of its size, especially when you consider its 1″ sensor size. In many ways it is what its older sibling, the original G7X, should have been.

We have not reviewed the G7X II hands on, but we are confident in recommending it for this purpose. Canon shooters will feel right at home with the G7X II, and those interested in one can find them over on Amazon now for $679.

Panasonic LX100

julius motal the phoblographer panasonic lx100 product image-7

Panasonic’s LX100 is another great option for professionals looking for a capable point and shoot camera to take with them on outings. Sadly, the camera does have the disadvantage of being not as pocketable as the other options on this list, thanks to that bulging lens apparatus. But in terms of image quality and usability, this is a great option.

In our Panasonic LX100 review we had this to say:

“The LX100 was a joy to use with superb image quality and manual controls that makes it a strong contender in the premium compact space. It’s retro aesthetic makes it a boon for street photographers because of how inconspicuous it, and its fast-AF guarantees you’ll get most of your shots. The fast Leica glass lends itself to the strength of the LX100’s images. Its sturdiness means it can survive bumps and dings along the way.” — Read the full review

Similarly to the Fujifilm X70, the LX100 features a full sized micro four thirds sized sensor (the same found in their GX7, a nice advantage over the 1″ sensors in the Canon and Sony R100 options mentioned previously). Those interested in the LX100 can find it over on Amazon now for $639.

Sony RX1R II

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony RX1r Mk II first impressions images (5 of 7)ISO 2001-80 sec at f - 4.0

Despite suffering from the same disadvantage as the LX100 in terms of not really being pocketable, and the RX100 M5 in terms of being really expensive, it would be hard to omit the RX1R II from this list. Unlike all of the other options on this list, the RX1R II features the same sensor that is in the incredibly popular Sony A7R II, so you are getting a full sized 35mm sensor. It also features a fixed 35mm F/2 lens making it incredibly versatile.

In our official review we had the following to say about the Sony RX1R II:

“The Sony Rx1r II is a camera that crams a lot into a small package. You’ve got a 35mm f2 lens, a 42MP full frame sensor, a beautiful EVF and WiFi built in. What more do you need? On paper: you need nothing more.” — Read the full review here

The RX1R II is really an incredible camera when you consider its size, but with all of that power in such a small package comes a prize that will make your eyes pop. Those interested in the RX1R II can find it over on Amazon now for $3898. (Yes, that is right, no typo)

Anthony Thurston

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