Opus Camera Strap Is Made Of Handcrafted Leather, Sailing Rope And Hardened Chrome Split Rings

Most photographers prefer to work with third party camera straps for many reasons, typically for having better functions or looking fashionable to match stylish camera designs. Opus has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a camera strap that is handcrafted, made of real leather, sailing durable Polyester and hardened split rings.

Krzysztof Szumanski, the man behind this Kickstarter project revealed that he was inspired by his passion of sailing to combine a professional sailing rope with strong leather and hardened chromed split ring which he claimed will enhance material strength and durability.

Krzysztof further commented that this was crucial especially to safely support heavyweight gear (eg a full sized DSLR with a zoom lens that could weight 2kg or more) to prevent breaking of the camera strap while shooting, which could lead to accidental damages to the camera and lens. According to the product descriptions, the Opus Camera Strap features super-hardened rings from Poland, leather with fine Italian quality and rope from a branded German/Austrian company. The split rings will be 16mm in size, but 18mm size will be available on special request.


Typically looking at many available camera strap options in the market, there is an increasing trend of emphasis on handcrafted leather look. While the increase of sense in style and fashion in gear accessorizing is a huge welcome, we believe it is also important for any camera strap to be practical in use, able to securely hold the camera while minimizing risks of damage and being comfortable on your neck and shoulder for longer shooting hours. Opus Camera Strap claimed to combine both function and fashion.

Opus Camera Strap intended to start the production on a larger scale with Kickstarter, and they offer 30% discount to the backers of their campaign. You may find out more about Opus Camera Strap on their Kickstarter Project page here.