The Inspiring Winning Photos of the ND Awards 2016

Opening image by Brooke Shaden, the winner of ND Photographer of the Year 2016. All images used with permission by ND Awards. 

ND Awards (Neutral Density Awards) has just announced their winners of their 2016 international photography contest. ND Awards claimed that the panel of judges for this contest included industry professionals, gallery owners, publishers, editors and renowned photographers.

Out of a total of 6422 submissions from 85 countries, Brooke Shaden from the United States claimed the overall winner of professional category holding the title ND Photographer Of The Year 2016 and $2500 in prize money. In non-professional category, Rosario Civello from Italy won the title ND Discovery Of The Year 2016 and $1300 in prize money. 

There were also six additional cash prizes ($500) for winners of Professional Categories: Andrea Cimino from Italy in Advertising, Tony Mcateer from United Kingdom in Architecture, Alain Schroeder from Belgium in Editorial, Brooke Shaden from United States in Fine Art, Bernhard Lang from Germany in Nature and Linda de’Nobili from Italy in People.

Also, winners of five non-Professional categories receive their cash prizes ($300): Anna Laudan from Germany in Architecture, Rosario Civello from Italy in Fine Art, Daniel Řeřicha from Czech Republic in Nature, Matt Hamon from United States in People and Selvy Ngantung from Indonesia in Special category.

ND Awards claimed that they aimed to promote photography and photographers to a worldwide audience through ND Awards Photography Contest. If you have missed the chance to participate in this contest, you may try your luck in ND Awards 2017 which commenced on 25 November 2016 and the final closing deadline is 24 September 2017. To check out the full gallery of winner photographs you may visit the official page here.


Rosario Civello – 1st_place, Fine Art, Non-professional, Winner of ND Discovery of the Year 2016


Alain Schroeder – 1st Place, Editorial, Professional


Andrea Cimino – 1st Place, Advertising, Professional


Anna Laudan – 1st Place, Architecture, Non-professional



Bernhard Lang – 1st Place, Nature, Professional


Daniel Rericha – 1st Place, Nature, Non-professional



David Martin – 1st Place, Nature, Professional


Linda de Nobili – 1st Place, People, Professional


Martin Krystynek – 1st Place, Advertising, Professional


Matt Hamon – 1st Place, People, Non-professional

Tony Mcateer – 1st Place, Architecture, Professional