Out of the Phone Turns Your iPhone Photos Into a Fine Art Book

The brainchild of publisher Pierre Le Govic, Out of the Phone aims to be the world’s first print-on-demand book platform for mobile photographers. Le Govic takes his years of experience in publishing and encourages mobile photographers to print their work and not allow it to simply rest on their phones or end up lost before the images are backed up. Currently, Le Govic has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funding to build a web application for Out of the Phone so photographers can design their own custom books online. 


Out of the Phone allows photographers to print an 5” x 8 1/4” travel sized book consisting of 52 pages. Photographers will be able to present a series of about 30 to 50 pictures printed on 90 gsm premium offset paper for black-and-white or 300 gsm fully colored paper for color images. The book also features a sewn binding, rounded corners, and the photographers name plus title for the series imprinted on the front cover. The books are made in France and papers are FSC certified and made with environmentally friendly ECF pure cellulose.


After creating a photo book, users will also have the opportunity to submit their work to Out of the Phone and become part of a photo book collection devoted to mobile photography(release TBD). Selected stories will also be sold in Out of the Photo’s online bookshop with the goal of bringing more recognition to the artists and their work. Currently their Indiegogo goal is €12,500 (roughly $13,000 USD) with the money raised being used to create their first web application allowing custom designs and to print the first run of pre-ordered books.

To find out more about Out of the Phone or to pledge your support, visit their Indiegogo page here.