Christopher Beauchamp Showcases Inspiring Adventure Sports Photography

All images by Christopher Beauchamp. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Adventure sports are not for the faint-hearted considering the fair amount of risks and danger that come with great height, speed or stunts. Therefore to be great photographer in this genre, it is crucial to have a genuine passion in adventure sports. Christopher Beauchamp has shown inspiring examples of great adventure sports photography in his latest portfolio.

Christopher Beauchamp grew up being deeply fascinated by cave explorations and he has developed a passion to go deep into the subterranean environments beneath cities. Consequently Christopher picked up photography to document his adventures in these unique spaces not typically seen by many, which led him to pursue a career in adventure sports photography. Furthermore, Christopher is also an avid ice-climber, hence he is also chasing underground ice formation. Being passionately and deeply involved in such extreme activities, Christopher is able to shoot dramatic environmental portraits in the caves and special formations as well as many kinds of dynamic adventure sports photography, considering his understanding of the nature of the adventure sports and being self-sufficient in managing the risks involved in such activities.

Christopher has used a wide variety of angles and compositions to get the best out of the dynamic action in his shots. He has a mixture of super close up shots of the adventurer with an ultra wide angle perspective for exaggerated proportions and movements, or an expansive composition showcasing the breathtaking scenery the adventurer was in. In order to accomplish this, Christopher himself has to be right in the middle of the action and at times being just a few inches away from the people he was shooting. Looking at his photographs, Christopher managed to nail just the right timing while standing at the perfect spot to maximize the impact of action, and this was no easy feat considering the need to deal with limitation of space (inside cave, being splashed or partially submerged in water). The diptych style of presentation (showing two photographs side by side) was a smart decision to showcase two contrasting composition style, typically one showing extreme close up action portrait of the adventurer and the other showing the vastly wide, spectacular environment the adventurer was in.

To find out more about Christopher Beauchamp’s work, you may visit his online portfolio here.