Carolin Unrath Captures the Unparalleled Joy of River Surfing

“This day was special,” the photographer Carolin Unrath admits. It was May 2020, and the world was grappling with the first few months of the pandemic. Longing for adventure and a break from the isolation of the previous weeks, she connected with the surfer Andreas Müllner and the producer Peter Scherb. Together, they made their way to Eisbach, the river surfing epicenter of Munich and a gathering place dating back to the 1970s

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Christopher Beauchamp Showcases Inspiring Adventure Sports Photography

All images by Christopher Beauchamp. Used under a Creative Commons license. 

Adventure sports are not for the faint-hearted considering the fair amount of risks and danger that come with great height, speed or stunts. Therefore to be great photographer in this genre, it is crucial to have a genuine passion in adventure sports. Christopher Beauchamp has shown inspiring examples of great adventure sports photography in his latest portfolio.

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