Océanne Cloutier: Student of Hitchcock and Monochrome

All Images By Océanne Cloutier. Used with Permission. 

Océanne Cloutier is a cinematography student currently attending university in Montreal City, Quebec, Canada. If you were to go take a gander at her portfolio you would find a simple, yet descriptive profile in her about me section, “I love Cinema. I love Photography. I love Art. — That is all you really need to know.” She says. Inspired by the classics, legends of black and white cinema, people like Alfred Hitchcock, Ms. Cloutier’s black and white work pays constant homage to that inspiration of the past.






What makes black and white photography so important to you?

Black and white is, in my opinion, emotion at it’s purest form. Colors have a different way to bring something to a capture, but monochrome photos are easily the most aesthetic form of photography. I don’t call myself a professional, I don’t own much equipment but I do with what I have. I always take my photos in colors first and work on them after. I love seeing the difference that black and white can make to my photos and their meaning. Simply removing colors can totally change the emotion or the feeling, and that’s what I adore of black and white.

What inspires you to create photographs?

Simply capturing the moment. I am more of a ‘on the spot’ photographer. I go places, take pictures of everything trying to see different compositions, analyze people, colors and lighting. I use photography like a way of observation, and when I observe, I don’t think, I just go with it. I enjoy doing photography for a hobby and love when the results are successful.

Why is black and white photography so important to our future in the art

I think black and white will always be present in the art world, no matter what. Still using it today proves it. Black and white has this final touch, this emotion to it that colors can’t reach. Use black and white for emotion, for a representation of the past, for an aesthetic reason or style, for a contrast… The reasons why to apply it are numerous and that’s why it’s important, that’s why we, artist, will never say bye to black and white.

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