Albert Watson on His Career and Iconic Photographs

Screenshot image taken from the video by Phase One

Those who are probably not familiar with the name Albert Watson must have still seen seen many of his iconic images. The British photographer has taken timeless portraits of many celebrities, and has worked with some of the biggest global brands for their advertising campaigns. From the start of his career, his images have graced the covers and pages of the world’s top magazines, such as Rolling Stone, Time, GQ, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Today, Albert Watson is credited for hundreds of well-known photographs of the famous and the influential, from movie stars, supermodels, and rock stars, to Steve Jobs, former US President Bill Clinton, and Queen Elizabeth. In this insightful video by Phase One, we get to learn something about his colorful career, as well as the story behind some of his beautiful photographs from the master himself.

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Océanne Cloutier: Student of Hitchcock and Monochrome

All Images By Océanne Cloutier. Used with Permission. 

Océanne Cloutier is a cinematography student currently attending university in Montreal City, Quebec, Canada. If you were to go take a gander at her portfolio you would find a simple, yet descriptive profile in her about me section, “I love Cinema. I love Photography. I love Art. — That is all you really need to know.” She says. Inspired by the classics, legends of black and white cinema, people like Alfred Hitchcock, Ms. Cloutier’s black and white work pays constant homage to that inspiration of the past.






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