The Daily Discipline of Ansel Adams

Advancing Your Photography, the popular YouTube Channel that educates photographers, has recently published a very insightful video on master photographer Ansel Adams and his work of Yosemite and Carmel. The video offers a rare glimpse into Adams’ process and follows his son, Michael, as he talks about Ansel’s book, The Range of Light. Topics covered in the video include how Adams chose his work, his daily schedule and discipline, his education, and Michael’s advice for improving your own photography. Check it out. 

A key takeaway for me was the fact that Adams was mostly self-taught. He learned much of his technique from experimenting and reading books: he was a voracious reader. Despite having only an eighth grade education, Adams managed to have quite the expansive vocabulary which also aided him in explaining his work. One of my favorite photographers is Edward Weston, and I found it interesting that when Adams photographed Point Lobos, he refrained from covering it extensively as he didn’t want to encroach on Weston’s “part of the world.” The respect and support he had for Weston reveals the friendly relationship the two artists shared during their careers.

For more videos like this be sure to check out Advancing Your Photography on YouTube here.