Phase One’s XF Cameras Can Now Control Profoto Air Lights In-Camera

Today Phase One has released a major update for the XF Camera System. Available now and free to all XF Camera System owners, Feature Update #3 adds significant improvements for studio and flash photography applications such as advanced flash controls with the in-camera Profoto Air Remote enable Profoto TTL metering. Further, a post capture Flash Analysis Tool has been added to ensure unparalleled control.

Phase One’s XF Feature Update #3 introduces:

Flash Analysis and Rear Curtain Trim

Review all aspects of the flash output just after the capture, directly on the XF Camera System and offset the flash sync to meet your requirements.

Profoto Air
Full functionality of the Profoto Air for up to six groups, now built directly into the XF Camera System; Profoto AirTTL 
Integrated with the XF Camera System’s Auto Focus sensor to provide active feedback and deliver accurate exposures with every capture, no matter the variables.

Additional New Customization and Workflow Options
With Feature Update #3, the XF Camera System now includes Icon Control, Create, Load & Save System Setup, Advanced Tool Options for sequence tools, as well as several other new improvements and features.

Phase One also today introduced the new XF V-Grip, providing advanced ergonomic capabilities and control options. The new grip will begin shipping worldwide in November.

For more details of the new update and XF V-Grip visit Phase One’s website here.