Jeroen Nieuwhuis and a Real Life Ice Man Challenge Limits of Endurance

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“I found myself honored to spend a day learning and absorbing the knowledge Wim gratefully shared with us,” says Dutch photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis about his experiences with the Ice Man, Wim Hof. A multiple Guinness world record holder for his endurance feats, Wim’s long years of training have given him the ability to control his heart rate and blood circulation to withstand extreme temperatures. Jeroen and his team spent a day capturing Wim’s daily routine to showcase his endurance skills on camera.

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Phase One’s XF Cameras Can Now Control Profoto Air Lights In-Camera

Today Phase One has released a major update for the XF Camera System. Available now and free to all XF Camera System owners, Feature Update #3 adds significant improvements for studio and flash photography applications such as advanced flash controls with the in-camera Profoto Air Remote enable Profoto TTL metering. Further, a post capture Flash Analysis Tool has been added to ensure unparalleled control.

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The Phase One XF Camera System Can Shoot 80MP Still Photos

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.39.10 PM

There were rumors around the web, and it seems like they were indeed true. Today, Phase One is announcing their new XF camera system that uses the IQ3 digital backs and includes a new focusing system called the Honeybee Autofocus Platform. This system uses a CMOS sensor and is said to have a floating point architecture system. Plus, it can focus using spot, average or hyperfocal length style–the latter is best for wide angle primes.

The company’s new IQ3 digital back (also being announced today) can shoot up to 80MP images and is a full frame 645 sensor instead of being cropped. But in case 80MP is too much, you can also use the 50MP and 60MP IQ3 backs also being announced today. The interface of the backs are very much centered around touch control. The system has a 1.6″ touch screen with a capacitive design while the other 3.2″ screen will be the one you’re mostly looking and interacting with. This screen has a retina display, and if you think that’s cool then consider that the sensors are being touted as having 13 stops of dynamic range (14 stop in the 50MP version) and can shoot 60 minute long exposures. These imaging sensors are CCDs–and while we know for a fact that they’ll perform very well at lower ISO settings we wonder how they’ll fair at higher ISOs in comparison to the Phase One CMOS sensors.

Phase One is also stating that the camera has an upgradeable OS–which sounds very interesting for what it is.

The camera also has can be used with either a 90 degree prism viewfinder or the new waist level finder. The company is touting just how bright the viewfinder is.

Besides the system and the backs, Phase One is also announcing two new lenses that are designed to last beyond 100MP. The Phase One Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses  come in at 35mm f3.5 and 120mm f4 Macro. They’ve been given a special blue ring around the body to signify they they’re ready for what’s to come in the future. No pricing is set yet for the Phase One XF Camera System and its components, but don’t expect them to be within the reach of the modern man.

Update: Pricing listed after the jump.

With all of this comes the announcement of the new Capture One Pro 8.3 which adds support for the new Canon 5Ds, Canon 5DsR, Olympus TG-4, new lens support and fixes for both Mac and PC systems.

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