The Flash Bag is Part Camera Bag, Part Reflector, All Awesome

Designer Scott Tallenger (aka Scotty Avocado, bka Scottstradamus), is currently crowdfunding his latest invention “The Flash Bag”. A messenger style bag made from 100% water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon, the Flash Bag features the unique inclusion of a foil print under flap that can be used to reflect light!

The Flash Bag allows users to bounce light onto their subject by opening the bag revealing the silver reflectice print underneath the flap. Users can set the bag wherever they like, similar to a reflector, and continue shooting without the need for an assistant or for those times when a little fill is needed(e.g. trying to get the picture image of your lunch for Instagram). The bag also features 8 pockets for storage, removable velcro dividiers, a detachable cross-strap, a built-in inside handle, and weighs only 2 pounds.




In addition to being a convenient reflector option, Tallenger has thought ahead of many other scenarios the bag may be useful:




The highly versatile Flash Bag is currently being crowdfunded on Betabrand. Find out more about this unique camera bag and back the project here.