Samyang’s Newest Lenses Are Made From Metal

Samyang has previously made lenses that didn’t have the best build quality in the opinion of many photographers, but today they’re announcing their new premium lens lineup. The first two lenses in the lineup are their 85mm f1.2 and their 14mm f2.4 lens. The lenses are said to be able to easily resolve a 50MP or 8K video with ease. Plus, they’re both designed for full frame cameras.


Important details from the press release are after the jump.

The F1.2 of 85mm is, by far, the brightest lens in existing full frame DSLR lenses, securing the fast shutter speed. It has ten elements in seven groups, applying one aspherical lens and two high refractive lenses. The aspherical lens minimises the aberration and unnecessary light dispersion. Two high refractive lenses effectively adjust the path of light and deliver maximum amount to the sensor for clear and vibrant image.

14mm F2.4 also takes no compromise for the image quality. It is equipped with the most advanced optical technology among Samyang Lenses. It has 18 glasses in 14 groups including four different special optics: two aspherical lenses, one hybrid aspherical lens, two extra-low dispersion lenses and one high refractive lens. This optimal performance creates impressive image quality from centre to corner of image.

Also, the design itself is the statement. Aluminum alloy metal is adopted for maximum durability. With a sleek yet unprecedented design with flowing curves, this signature line-up is a one-of-a-kind lens. The usability is maximized with considerate diameter in 93~95mm.


Chris Gampat

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