Dom Crinson’s Lightcase #Flatlay Is A Portable Pop-Up Photo Studio For Your Smartphone

Following up from last year’s successful Lightcase Pro, artist and inventor Dom Crinson, is back again with the Lightcase #Flatlay, a mini pop up photo studio with makers and crafters in mind. With Lightcase #Flatlay, sellers will now be able to take professional looking images without complicated lighting setups or expensive equipment using just their smartphone and available ambient light.

The Lightcase #Flatlay works by diffusing any direct light that hits the translucent polypropylene sides of the case, creating a beautiful soft light illuminating the objects inside. Professionals are often striving for evenly lit results when it comes to photographing objects/products, and without any extra accessories or gadgets, the Lightcase #Flatlay achieves this every time. Featuring a compact and portable design, it assembles in less than 30 seconds and folds flat for easy storage. It also works with nearly all camera, smartphones, and tablet devices. The current model is the third version of Crinson’s Lightcase and has been designed specifically for Instagram users to help them tell their unique stories.


Crinson has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the Lightcase #Flatlay. The project has become so popular that it’s been backed by a ton of Instagram users in just 24 hours.

Find out more about the Lightcase #Flatlay and Crinson’s creative process by visiting their Kickstarter campaign page here.