Kiwidition launches Kickstarter Project for KOHIKO, a Modular Sling Photo Backpack

New Zealand company, Kiwidition, has announced the Kickstarter campaign for their modular sling backpack called KOHIKO. KOHIKO is designed for photographers on the go who don’t like carrying too much gear, only what they need. Available in 5 colors, the backpack is small, lightweight, and offers quick access to camera and other equipment by its unique sling design. The bag can be placed on your back like a traditional backpack or brought to your front to give you quick access to your gear or protect it while walking through a crowd.

Jamiya Wilson KOHIKO Backpack 2

Jamiya Wilson KOHIKO Backpack 3

KOHIKO also provides flexibility in terms of storage. An additional “pouch kit” can be added which allows users to increase storage capacity if needed. The bag is designed for everyday use in any kind of environment, offering protection for your photo equipment from the elements as well as from accidental shock of fall.
Jamiya Wilson KOHIKO Backpack 4

Find out more about KOHIKO by visiting Kiwidition’s Kickstarter project page here.