An Urban Decay Photography Project Turns Abandoned Buildings Into Work of Art

All images by Christian Richter. Used with permission. 

Christian Richter is a 36 years old fine art architecture photographer based in the small town of Jeßnitz, Germany. Christian shoots urban decay with passion, and actively searches for abandoned buildings while appreciating the interesting architectural designs, patterns, and textures. He emphasises that nothing in this world is permanent.

Christian hunts for specific defining features in the abandoned buildings such as unusual interior decorations and grand looking multi-layered staircases. These astounding features in the buildings are not easily found; hence Christian has a network of friends who also share the same passion in urban decay as well as location information. This information is usually not made public to protect and preserve the abandoned buildings from further deterioration and vandalism by unwanted visitors.

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Christian utilizes a tripod to steady his shots of the abandoned buildings. His set of images showcases unusual and interesting locations with effective choice of perspectives. I felt like the images were somewhat inviting me to explore the locations thoroughly. The play with exposure blending was tastefully done resulting in a surreal, dream-like quality enhancing the sense of presence on location, yet not overly done and still managed to retain sufficient amount of realism in the images. These are truly the qualities of fine art architecture, and Christian is turning the scenes of abandoned buildings into his work of art.

To find out more about Christian, you may visit his website here.