Hot on Adobe’s Heels, Phase One Launches Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Capture One Pro 9.2 Update
Hot on the heels of Adobe’s big Creative Cloud updates earlier this week, Phase One is getting in on the action as well, officially unveiling Capture One Pro 9.2. According to the release distributed by Phase One, in addition to the features we will cover below, this latest update adds support for six recently released cameras including the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500, as well as Canon’s EOS M10, G5x, G7x Mk II, and G9x.

As for the feature upgrades and additions, Phase One has said that this update specifically aims to improve the image culling process through selections and metadata.  “Pro photographers deserve a strong ally to vanquish workflow issues and give them the most reliable, efficient workflow and performance,” said James Johnson, Software Product manager, “Capture One Pro 9.2 is about workflow, not work!”

Capture One Pro 9.2’s New Workflow Features Include:

  • Access assets quickly and precisely: Select from file list, select by variant position and create album from selection from a large group of improvements under targeted selections.
  • New rate and cull workflow using “Select Set”: Select a number of images for viewer preview, then advance through the browser by the same number. Navigating within the selection to rate and cull makes editing and comparing fast and efficient.
  • New & Improved Tiff Color Management: Capture One 9.2’s new color management module for Tiffs gives users more accurate preview returned from retouching/round trip applications – making Tiff handling in Capture One better than ever before.
  • Faster Focus Stacking: Phase One XF camera users can turbocharge focus stacking workflow with a multi-image round trip to the Helicon Focus application. Shoot, organize, group, process and stack — all in a few clicks.
  • New Shortcut Engine: More functions can be shortcut than ever before! All cursors can now be shortcut, users can navigate the library collections (even when hidden) and shortcut support for the new 9.2 selection methods all help to make the workflow sing.

Current Capture One Pro 9 users will be receiving the 9.2 update for free, but anyone interested in picking up a copy of Capture Pro 9.2 can grab a new license for $299. If you happen to have a license for Capture One Pro 7 or 8 you can get the upgrade for just $99. Also, Phase One has their Capture One Pro subscription service, which give you access to Capture One Pro 9 for just $15 a month.

For more information on Phase One’s Capture One Pro 9.2 update or to pick up the new version for yourself you can head on over the Phase One website, here.

Anthony Thurston

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