The Result of the PhotoCrowd and La Noir Image Black and White Contest

Hey folks,

A while ago, we teamed up with PhotoCrowd to deliver a contest in cooperation with La Noir Image showcasing the best of black and white photography from the community. The contest was judged by Lee Acaster; and they’re quite beautiful.

Which leads me to this: even though La Noir Image wasn’t successfully funded on Kickstarter, it isn’t dead. In fact, it’s evolving.

Be on the lookout, and be very excited. Here are the results of the contest.

1. ‘Miroir d’Eau – Run’ by Verity Milligan

1. Verity Milligan

“This was a standout shot the moment I saw it. For me it encapsulates all that I love about black and white photography, the use of light and shadow is nothing short of masterly. Shooting directly into the low sun is technically very difficult, but the photographer has managed to create a spectacular sunburst, and used the inevitable flare as a key component of the image rather than let it ruin the shot. The silhouette of the boy is perfectly placed in the mist, and really conveys the joy of the moment. With so many extra little details to enjoy once you look further this is an image that has impact and depth.” – review by Lee Acaster

2. ‘The Waterslide’ by Phil Hodkinson

2. Phil Hodkinson

“This photographer obviously has a very keen eye for the unusual to create such a striking image from this scene. The crop, positioning of the man and the overall composition are absolutely superb. The light suggests this was probably taken in very strong sunlight at midday, when most people would have packed their cameras away, but in this case it works perfectly. I love the shadows and definition on the figure which probably break every rule in the book but add to the shot hugely. Timeless, evocative and striking, I love it.” – review by Lee Acaster

3. ‘Frosted dunes and shattered peaks’ by Trevor Cole

3. Trevor Cole

“Anybody who enjoys photography can’t fail to have seen countless breathtaking images of Iceland, so much so that you can almost become immune to them, but the use of black and white for this landscape really sets it apart for me. The scenery is obviously spectacular, but it’s the drama of the foreground that captivates me in this shot. the subtle curves of the shadows on the sand, coupled with the stark contrasts of the grasses in the bottom right are superb. It’s easy to take a nice photograph in beautiful surroundings, but the thought and execution of the composition, light and processing lifts this onto a higher level.” – review by Lee Acaster

4. ‘Strangers in the Dark VIII’ by Pierre Pichot

Cluj-Napoca station, Romania.

Cluj-Napoca station, Romania.

“I love an image with atmosphere, and this one is positively oozing with it. The conditions are perfect, the mist highlighting the lone figure and adding depth to the image as the detail drops off into the distance. Anybody who has stood on a lonely station platform on a cold winters night will empathise with that slightly uneasy feeling that this picture conveys, and it’s the cheerful couple on the vending machine that really make it for me, providing a jarring conflict with the surroundings. I think the image would benefit from an 8×10 or even a 1×1 crop, losing the left hand side which I feel would add even more impact and give more prominence to the key components, but I love this shot regardless.” – review by Lee Acaster

5. ‘It’s gonna be splash’ by Avinash Sinha

5. avinash sinha

“This is a perfect example of “less is more”. The composition is simplicity in the extreme, but the positioning and pose of the boy tells the whole story. The temptation may have been to move him up or down within the crop onto one of the thirds, but being central works so much better for me as it gives the impression that he has both jumped from a great height, and still has a long way to go before arrowing into the water. The use of a high ISO has added a grainy look to the image which suits the subject and adds to the timeless quality. My only gripe would be the hint of shoreline in the top left which is somewhat distracting. I think the just visible ripples on the water add enough context to set the scene so I think the image would be even more powerful with that cropped out. A fine shot nonetheless.” – review by Lee Acaster

Chris Gampat

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