PSEUDO Film Canister Wants to Turn Your Film Camera into a Digital One

There have been attempts to turn film cameras into digital camera for a while now, but none have ever made it to commercial release. But a new IndieGoGo Campaign for the PSEUDO Film Canister really wants to make it happen. And they’re not even asking for a whole wad of money.

The canister will have a power source and a section that goes across the film slot. It will contain a sensor, memory slot for a Micro SD card, WiFi (ideally), a set ISO, the option of black and white or color and will have other parts that attempt to fit well with various cameras. More details are after the jump.



Details from their website: The plan is to keep things as simple as possible!

  • Power source  – will be removable, and available through a third party (such as a AAA battery or a watch battery), to make it replaceable, readily available, and cheaper for the consumer.
  • Memory/File storage – will also be removable, and available through a third party. (Probably a Micro SD card).
  • Sensor – would ideally be Full Frame. In the past this has always been seen as unrealistic. So for now I’m going with the idea of Micro four thirds, or APSC.
  • Wifi – Ideally the product would work with Wifi, allowing an App to work alongside it, so your phone/tablet could be used as a live monitor, to view photos, or for changing settings, aligning sensor/focus if necessary.
  • ISO – Will probably be set at 100 or 200. I’m not sure I would create settings for ISO to be changed.
  • Shutter speed – Will be adjusted manually on the camera.
  • Aperture – Will be adjusted manually on the lens.
  • Shutter release button – This will probably be the biggest challenge. I want the cartridge to fit in and out easily, with no mechanical changes needed to the camera. So the original shutter release button will be used to open the shutter still. This means, that something will be needed to trigger the digital sensor taking the photo. I am looking into audible feedback from the sound of the shutter being engaged. But there are a number of ways to go.
  • Battery level indicator – Could be useful, would be on the body of the canister/cartridge.
  • Shot Count – Probably won’t include one unless people are asking for it.
  • On/Off button – A simple mechanical switch on the canister/cartridge body.
  • B+W, or Colour – I like the idea of producing 2 different types, as I love B+W film. This might be unrealistic though, due to adding production costs.
  • Casing – I like the idea of a really solid metal casing, to match the great quality of our old cameras. Due to production costs though, it might be more sensible to go with a hard plastic casing.

Chris Gampat

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