Fujifilm Natura 1600 Comes to RNI Films iOS App

If you can’t seem to get your hands on Fujifilm Natura 1600, then RNI Films just released an update that will give you a brief glimpse of what the hard to get film is really like. In today’s RNI Films update, you’ll get Fujifilm Natura 1600 added to one of the Negative Film packs. More specifically, the pack is associated with Fujifilm’s negative emulsions. It’s not going to replace Natura 1600 or the actual experience that shooting film gives you, but it’s going to give you a fair preview.

So what’s so awesome about this film? It’s a low grain 1600 color negative film with very life-life color and that offers very beautiful image quality in the right conditions. We’ve reviewed it, but you should also read the musings of photographer Simon Chetrit.

More image samples are after the jump.







Chris Gampat

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