Guess What? You’re Not Getting that $400 Sony a7 Afterall…

Yesterday, we reported on Adorama issuing the original Sony a7 for an extremely low price. These weren’t refurbished or used cameras; instead they were brand new and being offered in a bundle package to sell together.

However, this isn’t the case anymore as all of the cameras were put on backorder. On top of this, a couple of people woke up to some very sad news today.

One of our readers, @Abujalma on Twitter sent us this message:


So unfortunately, it looks like you’re not getting your camera. For what it’s worth, the Sony a7 is still available at $998 which is still a great price.

It makes me wonder though: when I used to work at B&H Photo, what we would do is have staff call the customers personally to inform them that they, the store, screwed up. To that end, they needed to raise the price back up to the normal selling point and the customer had the choice to either pay in full or totally cancel the order. It was a job I wouldn’t have envied: but those folks deserve a lot of respect. B&H Photo also is very big on issuing apologies to the public. Excellent customer service aside though, B&H Photo has its own share of issues.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony 90mm f2.8 OSS product photos (4 of 10)ISO 2001-60 sec at f - 5.0

From what it seems, Adorama is just straight cancelling the order: which could also make sense from a business standpoint as per the terms of use–just in case they found that an unauthorized reseller was going to try to buy up a whole lot of them and sell the cameras at a profit. Due to their smaller staffing numbers, they probably don’t have the support to call each customer individually and instead need to focus on larger aspects of their business despite the massive disappointment that customers are probably feeling right now.

One can only dream I guess.

Chris Gampat

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