Fujifilm Cites “Circumstances Beyond Their Control” For 100-C’s Death

A while back, Florian “Doc” Kaps (who was a founder of the Impossible Project) went to meet with Fujifilm to discuss the future of Fujifilm 100-C. And according to a petition on change.org, Fujifilm is stating that the reasons for their discontinuation of the film were “circumstances beyond their control.” It kind of makes sense, as this is why Kodak had to bury Kodachrome. However, Fujifilm also pledged to continue to support the photo industry.

From the sound of the petition update, it seems as if talks may continue and efforts will be put forward to keep trying to work with Fujifilm–which from the sound of the reply post seems to be the problem.

According to the post made by Francesco Gasperini “I obviously hope that they could help, with their ‘know how’, to find a way to keep the peel apart films alive.” This means that work may be done to try this attempt so that another manufacturer can move ahead and try to keep producing the film. In all honesty though it looks bleak. Not a single camera that shoots the film has been produced in years and they don’t exactly have the marketing of the Impossible Project or Lomography–who embrace a younger generation with that film.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujfilm Instax mini 90 product photos (3 of 7)ISO 4001-30 sec at f - 2.8

On the other hand, Instax totally embraces that generation. Peel apart film is tough to work with but Instax is very simple. In fact, lots of the best selling products on Amazon are Instax related.

In contrast, it’s also super tough to find a Polaroid Land Camera in good, working condition let alone train someone on how to use 3×4 instant film with a Polaroid back for medium format cameras. Beyond that only 6×9 medium format gives full Fujifilm 100-C coverage.

Fujifilm discontinued 100-C in 3×4 medium format earlier this year. This came after a discontinuation of the film in 4×5 large format in 2014. The closest thing to the last version of 100-C is Instax Wide, which doesn’t exactly work in the same way.

Unfortunately, it may really be time to have a moment of silence for Fujifilm 100C

Chris Gampat

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