Galaxy Hyper Speed 120 is Positive Photosensitive Paper for Medium Format

Galaxy makes positive photosensitive paper; and traditionally it was only available in large format. But today, they’re announcing a new Kickstarter for their entry into the medium format world. It’s called Galaxy Hyper Speed 120; and is a roll of photo sensitive paper that you stuff into your medium format camera and shoot.

For those of you who have only shot film: known that photosensitive paper is paper treated with photosensitive chemicals. So you essentially shoot on the paper, take it out, and develop it within a couple of minutes. It’s far simpler and faster than using negative film. With the Galaxy Hyper Speed 120 paper, they’re saying that you’ll just need a changing bag, a small tank, and the chemicals.

It’s a first in the industry in a while as most photo sensitive paper is cut to spec or only available with large format. To do this project, they’re asking for $20,000 and they have different rewards based on your contributions.

Personally, I’m really excited for this. Loading it up into my Mamiya RB67, Diana F+ in pinhole configuration or my LCA 120 is going to be very fun.