Creating Better Food Photos for Instagram

While Instagram isn’t really a platform for everyone, it’s surely a platform for foodies. Creating images that really appeal to the senses though requires you to do some work involving set design. In fact, that’s what most of food photography is right after a creative vision and followed by lighting.

Instagrammers HeyDahye and MTLFoodSnob teamed up to show off a number of tips and techniques to get better Instagram foodie photos.

And believe it or not, very little of it has to do with the gear.

Food photography and especially good food photography has to do with transporting to reader to a scene and creating something that is familiar or understandable to them. Part of this is why you see lots of food images shot on wooden tables or environments that just make sense. Instead, a lot of thought needs to be given to where you want to transport the viewer to and how you can play with colors, textures, etc.

Some of @MTLFoodSnobs images are below.

Deep dishing @loumalnatis

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nom @chezboris

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Home is where the soup is. Happy year of the monkey everyone! 🐵🎉

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optimal muscle maintenance #proteinintake @lattucabarbecue

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