Creating the Photograph: Ioana Porav’s “Soul and Beauty”

~ Soul and Body~

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Photographer Ioana Porav was born in Romania and now lives in London with her husband. She started to get seriously into photography about a year ago and joined the droves of photographers switching from Canon over to Sony. Ioana learned how to shoot from her husband and by watching videos on YouTube. Her biggest influences: Jason Lanier, Sue Bryce, Emily Soto, etc. And so that explains her creative vision in her image “Soul and Beauty.”

Ioana was found in a Workshop group, and isn’t very technical, but instead edges more towards capturing and emphasizing beauty while creating your own light.

And that’s pretty much what she did with this photo.

The Concept

I am usually a very spontaneous photographer and I don’t think too much before doing a shoot! In maximum two days I am doing it!

I am a lover of old castles, abandoned houses and so on. Being back home for a month I have decided with my husband to do as many shoots I can, combining lovely normal girls with the places that I love!

Basically this was the concept: “The Girls and The Castles.”

The Gear

The Shoot

BTS (2)

On the day of the shoot early in the morning while having my coffee with my lovely husband I said to myself “Let’s call your cousin to speak with some of her friends and go out shooting to Teleky Castle!”

testing my inside flash

The good news was that the girls where living very close to the Castle and said of course we can go anytime because they have time! And off we went o Teleky Castle–like 40 minutes driving from our home, we got there around 4-5 o’clock, we had some walks around the place and I had been introduced to the models by my husband’s cousin and we decided to settle and start preparing our stuff. It took us like two hours to get ready, I did the make up for the girls (3 of them) and while they were choosing what to wear I was setting my camera and lightning! I had brought the dresses, the shoes etc.

So I found that abandoned little room outside the castle and I have started to warm up with my camera and to help the model and after like 20 minutes the lady who was working there came to us and asked us for money if we wanted to stay and shoot, I was so upset because I didn’t have enough money to pay so she didn’t gave us another choice just to leave!

So we have packed our stuff and moved out! Thank God that across the street was that abandoned mill that you see on the photograph. That belonged to the Castle but nobody cared about it.

So we spent our late afternoon on that place and I need to say that was amazing!!

Here are some BTS images

after #Showing my soul#

Smily Ghost Lady

Before (4)

~Framed Girl~

Burned In Shadows


Retouching of the skin on portraiture I did on photoshop; the rest only in Lightroom. I have used clarity, sharpening, highlights and shadows and crop & straighten where necessary and some color treatment. No presets were used.

At that time I was using mostly Lightroom for everything.






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