Tim Cook Shows off How Terrible the Apple iPhone’s Camera Can Be

Tim Cook

The iPhone surely is the most popular camera in the world, but Apple CEO TIm Cook just proved that it’s very capable of taking a terrible photo. Digital Trends reports that Tim tweeted an image recently from his phone trying to get into the conversation about the Super Bowl. But the image was super blurry due to camera shake. While camera shake can sometimes create happy accidents, this didn’t. Tim was probably a bit intoxicated and when very much in the moment, so he most likely didn’t even realize the camera shake.

People on Twitter did one of two things: got into the moment with Tim or complained about the image. So why does any of this matter?

It proves that it still takes a capable person to create really incredible images. Nothing like this scene would have been shot by or accepted by a trained photojournalist that took care in creating the image. It’s still very possible for a camera with a big shutter and lens to create photos with camera shake too, bt they wouldn’t have published it and probably wouldn’t have been so intoxicated so as to do this at an event. In fact, if you went back to a wire service with an image like this, they probably wouldn’t work with you anymore depending on the relationship that they have with you.

Indeed, the camera doesn’t matter.

Chris Gampat

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