Adobe Predicts the Top Aesthetic Trends in Photography for 2016

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Adobe released a couple of their thoughts on the trend outlook of 2016 when it comes to photography. Overall, there’s great news: they’re mostly centered around actually being creative instead of spewing out whatever hipster aesthetic you can. While Adobe states that the hipster aesthetic is still popular, they also state that newer trends are emerging and that brands (and therefore photographers) should be on the lookout for them.

But otherwise, it says lots about what the top tier of photographers have been doing for a while.

Model: Asta Paredes

Model: Asta Paredes

In regards to portraiture, they’re stating that portraits that really tell more about the person, place etc are going to be very much on the rise. Call these environmental portraits if you will, but also call them attention to details and more of a collaborative effort on the part of the photographer and the model’s creativity. Plus, they’re all about the intentional use of color this year. If you’ve studied the work of someone like Steve McCurry, you’ll see that he tries to keep the colors in his scene to a minimum and focus really on just a few to make the image pop and not overwhelm the viewer.

Drone photography and current affairs will also affect the stock world especially with the rise of social media services and overall drone use.

Go check out the trend report for yourself at Adobe’s blog.


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