Anthony Robin: Getting Excited by Landscape Photography


All images by Anthony Robin. Used with permission.


Anthony Robin is a French photographer who now resides in Scotland. He loves nature, wild and remote places–and his images on Behance are what made him so attractive for this interview. Anthony’s sense of composition and making a landscape scene work are well coordinated like a talented symphony. He feels fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time traveling and working on personal projects.

Interestingly enough, most of Anthony’s time is spent shooting vs other tasks.

Phoblographer: Talk to us about how you got into photography.


Anthony: I think I always loved creating. When I was a young boy, I remember myself drawing hours and hours, and later on spending evening and nights writing texts, poems and stories. I still love putting words on paper but today what really makes myself happy and complete is photography.

I started quite late and I got my first real camera around 22 years old. It was a small compact digital, and I directly got the virus! It was the beginning of a new adventure, full of questions and sparks. I bought my first small DSLR not too long after. I spent a large amount of time on internet forums and websites, “eating” and”swallowing” pictures and advice, reading a lot of books, discovering new possibilities.


I was already addicted and since this time I always have a camera with me or not too far!. The photography got me! It got me!!

Phoblographer: How did you get into shooting landscapes?

Anthony: I always found nature really inspiring, there is nothing better than being on an amazing location and thinking I need to find a way to shoot here. I get exited and I just run everywhere, my heart-beat is high and fast when I know that there is something great to capture!!


I like traveling, hiking and being a part of what is around me. I walked in many different places, countries, and I felt in love many times with wonderful locations. Mountains, lakes and forests all over the world. Of course I had to remember, I had to take photographs and express what I can feel and see. Showing the wild, the remote and the impressive. Showing what is around us.

Phoblographer: Your images have very interesting compositions and use of depth of field. So when you approach a scene, how does your mind start to think creatively about how to approach photographing it? What does your mind usually always try to pay attention to in a scene?


Anthony: Like I said just before I get really excited and happy when I’m approaching a scene. The pressure is high in my veins and I want to be able to show and express what I feel and how I see it.

I’m always looking for a main subject, it can be a rock, a tree, a canyon or the light. Everything that can be a main point or line in my picture. After, I put the other elements around, trying to find the best composition.


For me, it has to be dynamic, it has to catch your eyes and don’t let them go away. I play around, I play with the elements, the background and the depth of field. Most of the time I turn around the scene, walk a lot to find the right angle or the best place.

I love more and more working in low light conditions, catching dramatic ambiances, dark atmospheres. Photography is writing with light but we shouldn’t forget the shadows, the shade and the black clouds!


Phoblographer: What do you think is specific to your process that makes the way that you create landscape photos uniquely yours?

Anthony: I don’t really have anything specific in my photo process. But I think what makes the differences between photographers is a mix of a few elements combined together. Experience, sensibility and an open mind, to see and admire things that others don’t.


In general, I could tell you that I watch tons and tons of pictures (thanks internet) for inspiration and for ideas. I’m really critical about my work, it forces me to select the best of my photographs and learn more about what I like and where I want to go.

Phoblographer: How do you go about scouting out locations?


Anthony: Since a few years I spend most of my time traveling around the world. From India, Australia, Scotland, Tanzania, to Nepal or Madagascar. During these amazing journeys I am lucky to discover and contemplate many different kind of sceneries and landscapes.

Most of the time when I go shooting, I don’t plan any specific location, I just improvize with what I have in front of me. I just go, walk, drive and see!


Phoblographer: How much of your time is spent shooting vs marketing, editing, etc?

Anthony: I would say mostly shooting and editing.

– 40% shooting
– 30% editing
– 15% thinking, watching, learning
– 5% marketing


Phoblographer: In the next year, how do you plan on stepping up your game as a photographer?

Anthony: Next year will be full of adventures! I’m planing to make a road trip for a few months through Canada and USA, a 13000 miles (20 000kms) loop. Of course lots of national parks, and roads but I won’t forget to walk and shoot in the huge american cities. Various ambiances, from night pictures, long exposures, lifestyle pics to cityscapes. I want to experience and enjoy as much as I can. At the end of the trip, I think about making a book, small prints and an exhibition.

I want to thank The Phoblographer for this interview which made me think about myself and my work. Keep it up guys, and more important, have fun!





Chris Gampat

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