No Photographer Should Underestimate the Power of Printing

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While most people view images online or behind screens these days, the idea that the printed image can still have an effect on someone is synonymous to the idea of many simulated experiences as opposed to in-person events. One big example: the cinematic experience of surround sound and a giant screen vs being inside to Netflix and chill.

For years now, printing has diminished with the emphasis on the digital image and viewing photos online vs in person. Generally, it was also just bigger during the film days. Think of it this way: print magazines have seen a major decline as folks have stopped reading them and instead reading content online.

But printing an image is a different experience, and as photography is part of the cultural arts, there is no good reason why any photographer should undervalue what a solid, powerful print can do for them.

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Instagram, Facebook, 500px, and more are only one way to experience an image. But it’s inherently behind a glass pane and it’s not something that you can get very close to. On the other hand, seeing a print well done and well lit in person is significantly different when going to a gallery or a museum. But beyond just the viewing experience, prints (especially canvas ones or framed ones) are great decorations for your home or apartment.

Other artists tend to give away art sometimes as gifts, and printed/framed photos count as your art. In fact, it’s your tangible portfolio.

Here’s another example:

You, yes you, reading this post right now are simply just reading it. But it’s nowhere as effective as my saying it to you with enthusiasm and encouragement and body language. Like printing, that would be a much more personal experience.

So give it a try; but put thought, care and enthusiasm into it. I could go on and on about why prints are so much better, but it’s better experienced for yourself.

Chris Gampat

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