Flickr’s Most Popular Dedicated Camera of 2015 is the Canon 5D Mk III

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Flickr released information about the site in their year in review infographic published today, and while it’s always been evident that there are loads of great photographers on there, it’s also evident that it’s just a dumping ground for the iPhone. Apple remains at the top of the most used cameras with of course the iPhone 6 taking the lead, but even beating out the Samsung Galaxy lineup are Canon DSLRs. While the Rebel series used to be the most popular, the most used dedicated camera on Flickr right now is the Canon 5D Mk III–which is also enjoying a bit of a discount for the holidays. What this means is one of two things: that many people are trying to move up to full frame or there are lots of really serious photographers on Flickr conflicting with all the iPhone folks.

Next up are the Samsung Galaxy phones and after that the Nikon D7000 takes the lead, which is an older camera but still an incredible one that everyone raved about on its release.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.53.48 AM

Interestingly, iPhone users make up 42% of the community now and camera phones take 39% of all images on Flickr according to even further statistics.

For those of us less gear inclined, Flickr also has very interesting stats on colors, major events and other things that were really popular this year in their community.

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