Arthur Yu Shi’s Enchanting Portraits Capture Beauty


All images by Arthur Yu Shi. Used with permission.

Photographer Arthur Yu Shi is a neuroscientist who works in research–and he does photography on the side as a hobby. He bought his first DSLR (a Nikon D5100 kit) when travelling to Kuala Lumpur in 2011. Arthur tells The Phoblographer that he mostly shoots cityscapes and travel photos.

Instead of going for the more expensive lenses, Arthur initially went for older Nikon primes. “With no exposure metering nor autofocus supported on my entry-level DSLR, I managed to pick-up the fundamental knowledge of photography quickly.” says Arthur. “These include getting the exposure right, trying different compositions and basic photo editing.”

After coming across his EyeEm profile, I found lots of his images to be portraits–stunning portraits in fact. It’s something that he only recently got into when his best friend request him to shoot a portrait for her. So he went about researching how to do it. “After several portrait sessions with her, I gradually found my confidence in doing portrait works and slowly learning more techniques to fulfil different kinds of portrait photography.”


Arthur is one that tries to do environmental portraits that has the person somewhat involved in the scene. He puts lots of planning into his photos and tries to ensure that no two final images look the same.

Arthur says that he loves visiting places to try photographing different lighting conditions. “Not necessarily well-lit places such as outdoor architectures shots, but also indoor lightings where both light and shadows can be utilized for a more exotic look.” he says.







Chris Gampat

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