Heavy Leather NYC Introduces New Wax Slingshot Strap


While most high end camera straps are made of leather or canvas, they’re often of the more traditional shape. But Heavy Leather NYC recently announced a strap designed to work in a similar way (though not totally) to a Black Rapid strap. Essentially, it will mean that your strap is on your side and it will potentially give you quicker access.

The new wares are called the Heavy Leather NYC Wax Slingshot strap; and as the name implies, there is wax involved and this is a sling strap.


The Heavy Leather NYC Wax Slingshot strap is made of Martexin wax cotton and Italian cowhide leather. Because of this construction, the company is assuring both a water resistant and durable design. It includes shoulder padding, nylon wedding to allow the camera to move with ease, and it;s designed to hold heavier DSLR cameras.

Other specs include:

  • Bottom leather: 2/3 oz cowhide
  • Top material: Martexin wax cotton
  • Strap 2″ wide
  • Adjustable length 43-64.5″
  • Side binding for maximum comfort
  • Aluminum side release buckle
  • Steel metal heavy spring tactical snap
  • Tripod mount screw with rubber washer


The straps come in an Olive Green, Charcoal and Tan version for a pretty affordable $85 considering that Rachel makes these all by hand.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.