SMDV Claims They Have the Most Simple to Set Up Softbox


Photographers who use lighting on a regular basis know that one of the biggest flaws of any softbox is just how annoying they can be to set up. However, SMDV is claiming in a press release issued today that they’ve got the most simple to set up softbox on the market.

And from their product demonstration video, they may just be right.

The product is called the SMDV Alpha Speedbox. It works by essentially holding the built in speedring and pulling the rods back towards the ring. Then to take it apart, what you do is squeeze these fasteners around the speedring in each position. The design seems impressive.

Speaking of the speedring, SMDV is also saying that this ring isn’t made of plastic. Instead, it’s made of aluminium and steel so it will resist wear and will also deal with excess heat emitted by a modelling light with ease. Admittedly, while photographing the models that the site uses, I’ve often burned myself on my umbrellas. If I’ve found the right unit, Amazon lists this box for $309.99.

BRiHT-360 v Godox-360-800ii

The company is also announcing a new TTL capable bare bulb flash called BRiHT-360 that are slated to release in early 2016. It’s similar to flashes like the Adorama Flashpoint Streaklight; however this unit will have the battery built in. They’re claiming that it will boast features and capabilities like HSS. More info can be found on their site. It will have Canon compatibility with Nikon to follow; no word yet on Sony.


BRiHT-360 v Godox-360-800

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