Phase One Adds Seismographic Vibration Delay to the XF Platform


“The Phase One XF Camera System offers hard-working pro photographers and photo enthusiasts a competitive advantage with its continual feature enhancements and long-term investment value.” states a line in the press release. Lucky for those extremely deep pocketed photo enthusiasts, Phase One is announcing a couple of big updates to their XF system–and one of them includes what they’re calling Seismographic Vibration Delay.

While this isn’t the only feature that the company is announcing today, it is by far the coolest. Essentially, the sensors in the camera try to ensure that there is absolutely no motion at all that can cause camera shake. At the 645 medium format level of pixels and sensor size, any of the slightest bit of camera shake will cause issues with your final image.

Also from the press release are the following facts.

XF features update delivers new functionality:

  • Focus confirmation on the XF OneTouch UI; now gives full focus control in Waist Level Finder workflow;
  • Seismographic Vibration Delay ensures camera stillness at the moment of capture;
  • Hyperfocal Point Calibration allows photographers to use Capture One PRO to calibrate and store their perfect hyperfocal point;
  • BullsEye Level tool on the XF OneTouch UI enables easy camera alignment;
  • Histogram display on the XF OneTouch UI permits immediate review of captured data;
  • Focus Step enables focus control directly from Live View in Capture One PRO, providing the photographer with the ultimate focus accuracy;
  • And general stability improvements.

IF you’re an XF camera owner, you’re getting these features for free. But Phase One is also announcing three new Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses. You’re getting a new 55mm LS f/2.8, 80mm LS f/2.8 and 150mm LS f/3.5 lenses. Like the 35mm and 120mm lenses introduced during the XF System launch, these Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses are built to a new and more robust quality standard.

Chris Gampat

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