New Kickstarter Funds a 120mm f4 Petzvar Lens for Hasselblad 500 Cameras


Petzval lenses are really, really fun and very addicting to play with. While we love the ones available for full frame 35mm camera sensors, it would be even better to get one for a medium format camera. That’s what photographer Denys Ivanichek is trying to create in a new Kickstarter. This lens would be available for medium format Hasselblad 500 and 200 cameras, like the 500C.

In medium format, 120mm is a portrait focal length of around 85mm as a full frame 35mm equivalent.

The design of the lens is very true to original Petzval lenses with lots of swirly bokeh on the sides and the center being clear and sharp. But with this was, the design was made to increase sharpness and contrast specifically. Of course, this is a manual focus lens and unlike Lomography’s, this lens has an aperture ring around it and a leaf shutter.

A sample image is below.


Chris Gampat

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