We’ve Updated our Guide to Fujifilm Lenses!

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm XT10 first impressions (15 of 15)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.0

If you’re looking for an all-in-one essential guide to Fujifilm lenses, then look no further than our personal guide. We’ve rounded up our reviews of all lenses in one spot with a brief preview of each. If you’re interested in knowing more, simply click on the review listed in the guide to learn more about how it performed during our real world testing situations.

At the moment, we’re missing the 90mm f2 because we’re working on putting the finishing touches on that review. But once that is finished, it will be added to the group as well. Though in the meantime, you can check out our first impressions of the lens.

And if you’re looking for great tips on getting more from your photography and Fujifilm camera, you should check out our Xpert Advice series where we team up with Fujifilm to deliver tips and tricks in a bite sized package.

Chris Gampat

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