Wallpart May be Illegally Selling Your Photos

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Earlier this month, we reported on claims of Wallpart stealing the images of many artists. A Change.Org petition was put in place to get them shut down. It got the signatures they needed, but the site is still operational.

According to Wallpart’s Terms of Service, the company states that they don’t steal from artists. According to the site

“Wallpart.com only helps the user to find the images interesting him, the site uses data of the most known third-party search engines. Process of search happens at user’s browser.”

In our previous reporting, they further stated that the images aren’t uploaded to their own servers and instead hosted on third party servers. Finally, they also don’t claim responsibility for the images that the users purchase–which quite honestly sounds very shady.

This morning, a reader emailed us to inform us about an image of his that was stolen. He won a contest that we did before, and found the image on their site. After taking a look through their site’s search bar, we found that not only our photos can be sold without consent, but those of many very big and famous photographers can also be sold.

Hit the jump for a better idea. If you go to the site and and do searches, you’ll find even more.

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