How to Buy the Right Computer For Your Photography

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Photographer Bill Wadman and one of the hosts of On Taking Pictures has created a website for photographers based on a question that keeps getting asked. Lots of his listeners inquire about what type of computer they should buy for their editing and workflow. To help his listeners, Bill created a new website called Photo Computer Guide. It’s his attempt to point you to the best purchases that a photographer can make–WireCutter style. He not only recommends computers, but also tablets, monitors, SD cards, display calibration, etc.

Bill pledges to try to keep it up to date as new peripherals and devices come out to keep folks in the know about the latest and greatest products to buy. What you’ll notice is that the systems are very Mac and Apple heavy/oriented which makes lots of sense as Adobe products tend to work better on Apple computers and devices.

If you’re one of those folks that never knows what to buy or is due for an upgrade, take a look at the site.

Chris Gampat

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