LensProtoGo Gets $600K in Lenses Stolen, Releases Serial Numbers


Recently, a major theft happened when LensProtoGo’s Concord, MA location was broken into and $600,000 worth of lenses and accessories were stolen. In a blog post from the company, they reassured customers that their orders will still be going through.

A large amount of Sony, Canon and Nikon gear was taken and a giant hole in the wall was left. But Zeiss, Sigma, Tamron, and Fujifilm gear was also taken. LensProtoGo released the serial numbers of the products for people to check in case they go ahead and purchase some used gear sooner or later. Be sure to check the number of your product, and consider the fact that grey market products aren’t always what they seem to be despite being cheaper.

What’s even more puzzling is that these thieves seemed quite smart in some ways to go after more lenses than camera bodies since lenses tend to hold more value for a longer amount of time. There have been reports of thefts happening when Canon DSLR bodies are gone but over $20,000 in lenses are left alone.


Chris Gampat

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