Rui Miguel Pedrosa: Photos of Technology Getting in the Way of Pictures


All images by Rui Miguel Pedrosa. Used with permission.

Photographer Rui Miguel Pedrosa hails from Portugal and has an interesting project called Devocao Tecnolgica; and it’s all featuring photos of people using their tablets and phones while getting in the way of other people taking pictures. He tells us that he got into photography as a joke to begin with, but then the passion stated to grow to the point where his daily living is made as a photojournalist and has been since 2008.

“In our current society people give so much importance to having photos/video of certain moments that they forget, really, to live them!!” says Rui about the project. The idea spurred from wanting to shoot something out of the ordinary at the Shrine of Fatima in Portugal. Before, folks would simply just be there, but after a while more and more technology started making its presence known.

Rui says that he has nothing against these people at all, but that he’s also obsessed with the idea of capturing the moment. “So in a way I understand the fact that you are shooting everything. But then the experience led me to realize that there are times when it has to be only ours.”

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