Got Extra Time This Weekend? Check out Bending the Light

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Here in the US, we’ve got an extra long weekend ahead of us. If you’ve got spare time, we recommend checking out the new documentary on Vimeo called Bending the Light. It’s a special documentary about both lens makers and the photographers that use them. Each photographer tells a story of some sort about important images that they’ve taken. Specifically, it follows Canon photographers and also takes a visit the Canon’s lens factories to talk to the folks who make lenses. According to IMDB, the entire thing was shot on the Canon C500 and using Canon Cinema lenses. In fact, Hollywood Reporter states that Canon commissioned that the documentary be made to commemorate the fact that they’ve made over 90 million lenses. With that said, they give you a brief inside look at how their lenses are made according to what Definition says.

Director Michael Apted tells Entertainment Weekly that it was a challenge for him to film because the security is so tight. Due to competition in the world, they didn’t want many folks to know what happens in the lens factories. But he states that the real challenge had more to do with finding the folks who use the lenses and intertwining the stories.

The film was featured at the Sundance film festival earlier this year; you can see the trailer after the jump.

You can choose to rent is for $4.99 or purchase it for $12.99.

Chris Gampat

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