CameraLends Wants to Change the Way You Rent Cameras



Rental houses are very popular for many professional photographers, but CameraLends is looking to shake up the entire rental industry by promoting a peer to peer system and allowing folks to make money off of it. According to their press release, the company is all about connecting local folks to get gear from one another at more affordable rates. The company claims to have gear available in more than 165 cities and offers coupons, geolocation support, messaging, and more.

This could be a very interesting way of doing things; more info is after the jump.



Here in NYC, lots of folks complain about both B&H Photo and Adorama being closed during a major part of the weekend and for some odd reason they don’t think to rent. But with this system, rentals could be done in a more interesting and interpersonal way with a rating system, etc. Obviously, those who have the most gear will probably profit the most off of it.

Chris Gampat

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