Nikon Made a Selfie Stick; No We’re Not Kidding


Selfie sticks are apparently such a big thing that a large camera manufacturing company has decided to get in on the trend. It’s got a not so sexy name though: the N-MP001. The Nikon N-MP001 collapses down to 7 inches and is designed to hold their Coolpix cameras. Essentially it means that you’re stuffing your camera and this selfie stick in a purse or bag of some sort. It may be very cool for their weather sealed cameras.

At its longest, the stick reaches a little under 30 inches, and has a head that rotates up and down. It can hold cameras that are under 1lb. Combined with something like a MeFOTO Sidekicker 360, it can become a Selfie Stick all over again meant for phones.

Those vain enough to buy one will have to pay a $59.95 price tag.

At least it isn’t another Belfie stick.

Via Shutterbug, Petapixel

Chris Gampat

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