9 Photo Composition Tips as Applied to Steve McCurry’s Photography

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

The folks over at COOPH have put together a video highlighting photo composition tips based on the work of famed photographer Steve McCurry. It’s all based on the rule of thirds and placing subjects on specific lines due to how the scene works with the way the human eye views images. But they also talk about using things like natural and environmental frames to make someone pay more attention to specific points of your images.

One of the most important tips that they talk about has to do with filling your frame and getting close to your subjects, which we recently talked about as well. Indeed, filling your frame with all the important details and getting rid of any extraneous pieces is key.

Even more interesting: they state that Steve places the dominant eye in the center of the image because that way it gives the impression that the eyes are following you.

The video is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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