Lomography’s New Lomo’Instant Splitzer Will Make Your Hipster Photos Even More Hipster


Today, Lomography is announcing something that, well, we’re not totally sure what the heck it does. At least technically speaking or how it works seems to be a mystery to us.

It’s called the Lomo’Instant Splitzer and it designed to work with the Lomo’Instant. According to their email description, you can “mix two of your friends’ faces in one shot, combine different scenes in a picture, or pair unlikely objects in one photo!…The new Lomo’Instant Splitzer allows you to “call the shots” by slicing-and-dicing your images, making them more unique and experimental.”

What it sort of seems to be doing is cutting each photo into a half frame and only exposing one half at a time to mess with the shutters. Olympus did something like this years ago in the film world with their Pen cameras by taking 35mm film and shooting it one half frame at a time.

That technically means that you can get 20 shots from a single 10 pack of film. We have yet to see this used very creatively, but it’s kind of a cool concept for $16.90.

More sample images are after the jump.


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Chris Gampat

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