Quick and Simple Tips for Enhancing the Eyes in a Portrait

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

We’ve talked before about highlighting the eyes in a portrait, but you should know that you can make them pop even more by doing a couple of very subtle and simple adjustments to your images. WeeklyImogen recently published a video around five minutes long talking about what they do to make the eyes pop a bit more; and they argue that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

We love this channel because of how simple they try to do things. In fact, they talk about how Mark (the photographer) doesn’t like doing post-production because he wants his subjects to be as natural as possible. They talk about sharpening up the pupils of the eyes, whitening the whites and enhancing the colors of the iris. That’s not all though, there is a lot more that they talk about out that doesn’t even involve post-production.

They also talk about being very careful not to overdo it. The video on enhancing the eyes in a portrait is after the jump. But also be sure to check out our other tutorials on enhancing the eyes and when it’s most critical to focus on them.

Chris Gampat

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