Sports Illustrated DP Brad Smith Gives Tips to Freelance Photographers


We all know that Sports Illustrated let go of all their staff photographers, but that doesn’t mean that the company still can’t give great advice on how approach editors. A.A. Productions recently released a video interviewing SI’s Director of Photography Brad Smith and he says that email is actually one of the toughest ways to get through to an Editor. Mr. Smith reasons that it can get caught in spam and there are just so many of them to deal with that an editor can be overwhelmed.

In fact, though he doesn’t outright say it, Mr. Smith recommends sending some sort of photography pitch/package, calling to try to get 15 minutes of his time, or other more interpersonal forms of communication such as a portfolio deck.

Additionally, you should make it easy to find more out about you. All of your contact information should be in one spot and your pitches should be precise and to the point.

Beyond that, look and present yourself as a professional. After all, he’s hiring you represent his company at an event.

The video is after the jump. But also be sure to read the words of Damian Strohmeyer and Peter Reed Miller on shooting Super Bowls and general tips as well.

#BehindtheGlass | Sports Illustrated DP Brad Smith on Freelance Photographers from a.a. productions on Vimeo.

Chris Gampat

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