Anton Charushin’s Stolbyshking Are Upside Down Portraits


All images by Anton Charushin. Used with permission.

Photographer Anton Charushin has been doing something really awesome on Instagram–he’s been shooting upside down portraits of people totally upside down in the strangest locations and with awesome expressions. But most of all, he’s demonstrating that content in an image is king and that a great idea far outdoes any gear gear you can think about.

Anton tells us that photography is a hobby of his that he started doing when he went to University. With some extra encouragement from his father, he ran into circles that were all about film photography and printing the images. And to that end, Anton does everything in-camera with no photoshopping.

“The idea came to me In one of my trips. I decided to liven up my pictures and started fooling around, standing on my head. I called it stolbyshking deriving from the Russian word ‘stolb’– post, pillar, pole.” says Anton. He continues to state that convincing people to take part in the project is actually really easy.

He still doesn’t know where the project is going, but he tells us that he’s going to keep doing it.

More of the images of stolbyshking are after the jump.










Chris Gampat

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