Photographer Petitions Canon for a Left Handed Camera

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 7D MK II review product images (2 of 10)ISO 4001-30 sec at f - 4.0

Though it is rarely ever brought up, the idea of a left-handed camera isn’t really a new one. But one photographer is trying to petition Canon USA on making it more of a reality. Photographer Sylvia Cacciatore is currently running a petition to ask Canon’s higher ups to design one. The story goes much deeper though. Sylvia is disabled–she had brachial plexus injury at birth that caused complete paralysis of her right arm, which also caused her arm to never fully develop. Indeed, it is a heartbreaking disability that causes lots of limitations.

According to the petition:

“Some of the challenges I experience while using my camera are with the shutter and the settings buttons. The majority of the buttons are located on the right side of the camera and certain shots require quick pressing of certain buttons and dials.  I am unable to do because I have to lower my camera and reach over to the other side to change settings, which has caused me to miss many photo opportunities.”

Sylvia contacted Canon because she wants to make photography her profession, but the reps told her to go for the Powershot line instead. “I felt discriminated against because the challenges I experience with their products appeared too insignificant for them to address.” states Sylvia. “Their lack of empathy made me, as a customer, feel unimportant and it made me lose hope that Canon truly cares about their consumers.”

To be fair, the Powershot lineup is also designed with the right handed in mind but offers excellent image quality like with the G1X Mk II. Sylvia pinged us to inform us of the 1,000 signatures needed for the petition. But it brings up an even bigger issue of ergonomic design for those with disabilities.

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